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The consortium partners interact with each other in view of making dynamic the following diagram:

The Euro-Vietnamese project ENERFISH is run by the partners presented below, under the coordination of VTT.

FI VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is a contract research organisation involved in many international assignments. With its more than 2700 employees, VTT provides a wide range of technology and applied research services for its clients, private companies, institutions and the public sector. It serves annually over 5000 domestic and foreign customers. Turnover is about 223 million €. Work inside VTT is organised into 7 knowledge clusters, Energy & Pulp and Paper being one of them. Inside Knowledge Clusters there are Knowledge Centres (totally 45 inside VTT), and Energy Systems, who is mainly responsible for the current Project, is one of these. Polygeneration, especially based on Biomass, is one of the key technologies of VTT in the area of sustainable energy production. The aim is to develop new, more efficient and environmentally sustainable energy production technologies based on biomass and waste. A major part of the work is process development work, which can be carried out from laboratory to pilot scale with unique test facilities and world-class expertise. In co-operation with the clients and industrial partners, VTT is also involved in several European demonstration and commercial projects. VTT is co-ordinator of the underlying project. Contact person: Dr Harry Ronde hidde.ronde@vtt.fi
FI Vahterus Plate & Shell ® Heat Exchangers (PSHE's) are in service in over 60 countries on a wide range of duties. With over 30,000 units installed worldwide, the PSHE family is the proven solution to most heat transfer applications. Plate & Shell® Heat Exchangers have many benefits for refrigeration applications. The fully welded construction provides excellent security against leakage whilst the high heat transfer coefficients give compact size and low refrigerant charge. They are suitable for all refrigerants especially natural media e.g. ammonia and carbon dioxide. Turnover 30 M$/y; number of personnel:160. Contact person: Mr Osmo Tammela osmo.tammela@vahterus.com
FI Preseco is a strongly growing, private European environmental technology group established in 2000. Company focuses on the development and marketing of comprehensive environmental solutions for waste handling, clean water (both drinking and waste water) and biodiesel production. The majority of these solutions complement each other and copy nature’s own mechanisms. Preseco develops comprehensive environmental solutions and can provide the newest solutions for biowaste processing, water purification and biofuel processes. The head office and product development are located in Espoo, Finland. Contact person: Mr Pertti Leppäluoto pertti.leppaluoto@preseco.eu
DE TÜV Rheinland Group, established in 1872, is since many years a well established and accredited test institute. TÜV Rheinland advises, develops, facilitates, test and certificates. Their worldwide network of experts assists leading enterprises and institutions with the continuous improvement of products, systems and processes. In the fields of Environmental Protection and Energy Technology applied research projects have been conducted for more than 25 years, such as: - Air pollution and noise control for all type of emission sources/pollutants, Environmental analysis / planning / licensing / impact studies (air, noise, waste), Certifications of automated monitoring instruments (flue gas emissions, air quality, acquisition and telecommunication of data), - Energy technologies with efficiency testing and certification (boilers, armatures, safety and systems e.g. fuel cell, co-generation) and of renewable energies (solar/wind, PV, biomass). - Testing and auditing of both, simple and complex systems and processes are the core business of TÜV Rheinland. Contact person: Mr Tobias Schäfer
FR Technofi is a private company specialized in Innovation Management (see www.symple.eu). Symple® is a home made methodology and tool to support the innovator’s strategy building and implementation. Technofi provides a wide range of consultancy services to support innovating companies, acting alone or within the European grouping of innovation experts Greenovate! Europe. Among them, Technofi has developed an extensive expertise in managing the exploitation and dissemination plans of European research and development projects. They play this role within the ENERFISH project. Contact person: Mr Eric Peirano epeirano@symple.eu
UK The National Energy Foundation is an independent educational charity (private not-for-profit), based at Milton Keynes in the UK, controlled by an eminent Board of Trustees. Its objective is to work for the more efficient, innovative, and safe use of energy and to increase the public awareness of energy in all its aspects. NEF has an established reputation in the development of renewables through consultation backed by capacity building, training/education programmes, tools development and hand-holding approach to different stakeholders (i.e. corporate businesses, legislative authorities and the public). The charity also provides consultancy services and manages an accreditation scheme (the Energy Efficiency Accreditation Scheme) on behalf of a Government agency. Contact person: Mr Tim Lunel Tim.Lunel@nef.org.uk
At present, Hiep Thanh has invested to farming and processing with 2 processing factories with capacity 230MT raw material/day; 2 freezing warehouses with 7.000MT final product capacity and 70ha fresh pangasius raising farm; besides to enlarge investment. On the other hand, Hiep Thanh is building up the new Fish feed factory with the capacity of 300MT/day. Also, the other plant will be constructed with the same capacity to be nearly launched at the end of 2008 and another new Seafood Processing Factory will be on time launched to match the demand of the market in soon 2009. Contact person: Mr Nguyen Thanh Danh danhnguyen@hiepthanhgroup.com
RCEE Energy and Environment Joint-stock Company, established in 2006 based upon the foundation of the not-for-profit Research Centre for Energy and Environment, has been working on research, consultancy and technology transfer activities for energy and environment since 1998. With a highly qualified consultant team and an extensive network of associated members consisting of leading national experts and specialists with different professional backgrounds, RCEE is recognized as a leading local CDM project developer and one of the most active clean energy consultant in Vietnam. RCEE has successfully conducted many capacity-building and due diligence projects as well as pilot programs in climate change mitigation and clean energy in Vietnam. Contact person: Mr Ha Dang Son son.ha@rcee.org.vn
The Energy Conservation Centre of Ho Chi Minh City (ECC-HCM) - a member of Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City - is established in May 2002. The Centre executes activities in 4 main fields: energy audit and technology transfer, energy conservation training, energy conservation information and communication and financial consultant. Up to now, the Centre has been developing to become a unit with a lot of projects, having ability to execute all complex and professional energy conservation tasks. ECC-HCM now stands in the first rank in Ho Chi Minh City in the field of energy conservation activities: planning project, designing, supervising projects of public lighting, private public lighting, energy audit and technology transfer for industry and civil. In applying the quality management System ISO 9001:2000, our consultant quality more and more increases so as to achieve quality & efficiency for all products. With lot professional and high-responsibility experts, during its operation the workforce as well as the quality of professional engineer staff of the Centre is more and more improved and become professionals. Contact person: Mr Leduc Huy duchuy@ecc-hcm.gov.vn
AF Industry Joint Stock Company (AFI) was established in 2005. With the great effort of whole company, AFI nowadays becomes one of the leading company in Engineering and Equipment supplying for industrial zones not only in Vietnam but also in other countries. AFI’s engineer staff was trained in Vietnamese well-known universities of technology such as Hanoi University of Technology and globally recognized universities like Asian Institute of Technology and Nanyang Technology University. Furthermore, our staff has attended training courses organized by giants such as ABB, EMG Automation, Trane, Carrier and so on. A combination of high qualification, advanced management method and experienced and skilled staff and collaborators help the Company provide local and foreign customers with products and services on time and in compliance with contract requirements. Due to experienced and skilled technician staff, advanced management system and high computerization and automation in administration and deployment, AFI has become main partner of giants in the world such as ABB (Switzerland), EMG Automation (Germany), Motiva (Finland), AMIC (Vietnam), RCEE (Vietnam), Vietnam Energy Service Joint Stock Company (VESCO). AFI has vast experiences in fields of power and industrial automation, design consultancy, construction surveying, installation, equipment supply. Moreover, AFI is a trade representative of famous industrial firms. Contact person: Mr Pham Viet Hung hung.phamviet@afindustry.com

The industrial partners who contribute to the demonstration set up are:

  • - Preseco, who supply the biodiesel processor;
  • - Vahterus, who supply the energy conversion system for cooling/freezing with the support of the company Suomen Tekojää as subcontractor of Hiep Thanh Seafood;
  • - AFI, who is in charge of the development of the monitoring and control system for supervising the whole installation;
  • - TÜV Rheinland, who assess the raw material (fish oil) quality and the demonstrator performances;
  • - Hiep Thanh Seafood J.S.C., who host the demonstration at Can Tho, in the Mekong delta of southern Vietnam.