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The ENERFISH project Work Plan is made of 7 Work Packages (WP):

work plan

WP1 deals with the overall optimization and dimensioning of the integrated energy system. After an initial system design, the energy related process subsystems are integrated (in co-operation with WP2). Subsequently an optimization with respect to the technology types, energy flows, material flows etc. takes place.
WP2 takes care of the detailed development work for the individual subsystems of the integrated system, namely

  • 1) RTD solutions for waste management and biofuel and by-products production,
  • 2) RTD solutions for energy integration/polygeneration,
  • 3) RTD solutions for cooling/freezing generation and distribution, and
  • 4) RTD solutions for the management and control system. Based on this work

WP3 realizes the erection and the start of operation of the demonstration plant by hardware engineering and component data acquisition, testing and trial runs respectively.

Within WP4, the energy balances and material flows are monitored, leading to a fine tune of the design. In addition, WP4 performs an Environmental Impact Assessment. Within WP5, market surveys of the developed technology are performed for Europe and Vietnam/South-East Asia, followed by a (WP1) study on CDM potential. Furthermore, WP5 organizes training workshops for staff of fish industry and fishery- associations in Europe and Vietnam.
Within WP6 a feasibility/pilot study is performed for specified cases in Europe.

Project Management

The project management activities are packaged within WP7 to ensure a professional and seamless co-ordination. In relation to the consortium size (11 partners), the project duration (3 years) and the tasks to be performed within the project, the management activities have been divided into 3 tasks:

  • 1. General and Administrative Project Management (contractual & financial management)
  • 2. Scientific and operational management.
  • 3. Intellectual Property, exploitation and dissemination management.

work plan

The coordinator (VTT), in charge of the general management (contractual & financial), monitors the correct development of the project in terms of time and results. VTT appointed a project coordinator who manages the project on a day-to-day basis: Dr Harry Ronde. He is supported by Mrs Irina Granfors on administrative issues.

The overall operational and scientific (SCIOP) management is organised by VTT, leader of the SCIOP committee, and involves the work package leaders: Preseco, RCEE, TÜV, Technofi and NEF.

In addition all operational management activities in Vietnam will be co-ordinated by the Vietnamese Engineering Company RCEE.