Work Plan - Work Package 1

Overall optimization and dimensioning of the integrated energy system

WP1 is led by vtt

The Work Package tasks are the followings:

  • 1. Provide an initial system design
  • 2. Integrate energy related process subsystems in close co-operation with Preseco, Vahterus (WP2).
  • 3. Optimize the integrated energy system, with respect to size, type of technology, energy flows, material flows etc.
  • 4. Validate the optimized system by results from demonstration plant in co-operation with TÜV (WP4) and perform a simulation study with a view to application as training material (WP5) / feasibility study (WP6).
  • 5. Perform a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) study in co-operation with Technofi, NEF and RCEE (WP5)

The expected results are:

  • D1. Public Report: Optimization of energy systems in an integrated fish-processing plant.
  • D12. Public Report: A Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Potential study.