Work Plan - Work Package 2

Development work for the individual subsystems of the integrated energy system

WP2 is led by presco

The Work Package tasks are the followings:

  • 1. Technological development of the fish waste to biodiesel processor and other components, in close cooperation with VTT and HT-FOOD especially. VTT research topics include wastewater treatment, antioxidant treatment, glycerine processing, by-product and waste treatment.
  • 2. Biodiesel polygeneration plant development for energy conversion integration: bio-diesel, electricity, heat, steam, hot water, cooling and freezing energies.
  • 3. Integration of the Cooling & Freezing generation and distribution system based on CO2, in close co-operation with VTT, HT-FOOD/Suomen tekojää Oy and Vahterus. The latter will be responsible for the actual development of the freezing system.
  • 4. Integration of the monitoring and control system, including subsystems interfacing, in close co-operation with RCEE, AFI and TÜV. AFI will be responsible for the actual development of the overall monitoring system and subsystem interfacing.

The expected results are 4 confidential reports . For more details, please contact directly the relevant Partners:
Biodiesel production: presco
Polygeneration of energies : vtt
Cooling & Freezing : vah
Monitoring & Control (Automation): AFI