Work Plan - Work Package 3

Erection of the demonstration Plant

WP3 is led by RCEE RCCE

The Work Package tasks are the followings:

  • 1. Implementation site selection and civil works by RCEE and HT-FOOD.
  • 2. Overall engineering including hardware installation by RCEE and HT-FOOD.
  • 3. Build-up of subsystems: biodiesel processor by PRESECO, polygeneration/diesel by VTT, freezing/cooling systems by Vahterus and HT-FOOD/Suomen tekojää, overall monitoring system and interfacing by AFI.
  • 4. Testing/trial runs by AFI and TÜV.
  • 5. Training of operators by all hardware/software providers.

The expected results are the Demonstrator (D6), and its related confidential “Operation and maintenance manuals and procedures”.