Work Plan - Work Package 5

Exploitation and dissemination

WP5 is led by Technofi

The Work Package tasks are the followings:

  • 1. Preparation of a master plan for the dissemination of the project results, to be implemented during the whole project.
  • 2. Building and validation of a business plan targeting the sales of the ENERFISH process in Europe and Vietnam.
  • 3. Awareness raising of key staff members of the fish industry in Europe and Vietnam at Exploitation and dissemination of the technology dealing with integrated distributed polygeneration energy systems in the seafood sector.
  • 4. Dissemination of public information about the ENERFISH process via the website

The expected results are:

  • D11: Public Report: Market survey Europe/Asia
  • D14: Public Report: Training manual and summary of training sessions (m33)
  • D16: Public Dissemination Website.